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4lb or 6lb Pulley
4lb. Kit - $309.00
6lb. Kit - $309.00
4&6lb. Combo - $359.00

This 4-lb or 6-lb Pulley kit fits the '99 to '04 Lightnings and the supercharged Harley Davidson trucks.
You can also choose the Combined Pulley kit with 4-lb & 6-lb interchangeable pulleys. These kits include hardware and tools.

Complete Bassani ExhaustBassani 2
Price: $1750.00

This complete Bassani Exhaust comes with headers, high-flow Y-pipe w/ 2 cats, X-pipe, 2 mufflers, and 2 tail pipes with polished 3.5" diameter tips that exit in the stock location. It can add 20 horsepower and 25 lb/ft of torque on a stock truck.


Price: $75.00

This Drive Shaft Safety Loop is a bolt-in safety loop that fits '99 to current Lightning and Harley Davidson trucks. Meets NHRA and IHRA Drive Shaft requirements.

PHP Air Filter Inlet Kit
Price: $200.00

The PHP Air Filter Inlet Kit incorporates a conical K&N air filter with a water-resistant pre-cleaner. The location of the filter is specifically designed to eliminate power-robbing bends and excessive filter lengths. Fits '01-'04 Lightnings & Harley Davidson trucks.

PHP Front S/C Cover & Pulley
Price: $415.00

For '02'04 Harley Davidson trucks; The PHP Front S/C Cover & Pulley is a 100% direct replacement for your stock Harley Davidson nose cover. Comes with a 5-lb pulley, synthetic oil, anaerobic sealant, and coupler along with complete instructions. It's worth an additional 25+ horsepower, 35+ lb/ft torque, and adds 2-3 PSI boost. WARNING: This will VOID your factory warranty from Ford Motor Company.

PHP High Flow Upper Intake Manifold
Price: $175.00

After the throttle body, the next restriction on your truck would be the upper intake manifold. The PHP Hight Flow Upper Intake Manifold is extrude honed to straighten the air flow and increase air speed adding 10-15 horsepower and 20-25 lb/ft torque. A core charge of $200 is charged but will be credited back to your account when you return the intake core UNLESS you send your upper intake manifold to be reworked, and then there is no core charges. (Approximate turn-around time of 3-4 weeks)

PHP Line-Lock Kit
Price: $300.00
Line Lock Kit

The PHP Line-Lock Kit is the only kit that will not have a negative affect on your ABS braking system. It allows you to release the brake pedal and maintain locked front brakes, permitting a proper burnout and/or pre-load of the drivetrain at the tree without rolling.

Price: $80.00

The PHP Shackle Kit drops the back of your Lightning or Harley Davidson truck approximately 2" so the truck sits level but more important the pinion angle is increased from 0-2 degrees negative which makes the truck hook a lot better. Polybushings included with kit.

Single Blade Throttle Body
With TP Sensor - $550.00
Without TP Sensor - $500.00

This one-piece billet Throttle Body comes with or without the adjustable throttle position sensor. Gives 1,000 cfm flow and comes ready to bolt-on.

*** Shipping costs: Your product will be shipped via UPS. The shipping and handling costs (including insurance) will be calculated by the weight of the product, total cost of the order, and your zip code, then added when we ship your order.
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