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Double Adjustable Upper Control Arms and Lower Control Arms Kit
Price: $500.00

Purchase the Double Adjustable Upper Control Arms and the Lower Control Arms in kit form and $AVE!!!

Adjustable Upper Arm Controls
Price: $275.00
Double Adj

With the Double Adjustable Upper Control arms the pinion angle can easily be adjusted without removing the control arms from the vehicle. If you have replaced your lower control arms or have installed lowering springs, you must have adjustable upper control arms to set the proper pinion angle.

Lower Control Arms
Price: $275.00

These Lower Control Arms have hard center sections that reduce deflection. They also come with special outer bushings that reduce suspension bind for stability. Made of high strength 6061 T-6 aluminum that eliminates flex and reduces un-sprung weight without damage to the torque box.

Mach I Catback Exhaust
Alum - $499.00

This Catback has a deep, performance sound. It is a stainless steel system with tuned mufflers, removable baffles, 2.5" pipes, and polished stainless tips. It adds 15-18 horsepower and torque.

PHP 5 Way Adjustable Struts and Shocks
Price: $650.00
5 Way

The PHP 5-way Adjustable Struts & Shocks are designed and valved for positive weight transfer in both street and strip applications. (4-wheel alignment is necessary after installation and is not included in the price
to the left.)

PHP 8.8 Axle Brace
Price: $129.00
Axle Brace

The PHP 8.8 Axle Brace locks the outer ends of the axle tubes to the differential center section in perfect alignment to prevent axle flex.

PHP Drive Shaft Safety Loop
Price: $89.00

The PHP Drive Shaft Safety Loop finally gives you a safety loop that fits! This safety loop fits in the transmission tunnel with no modifications. It can be welded or bolted into place.

PHP 8.8 Axle Brace
Price: $129.00
Axle Brace

The PHP 8.8 Axle Brace locks the outer ends of the axle tubes to the differential center section in perfect alignment to prevent axle flex.

PHP Engine Mounted Torque Link
Price: $290.00
Torque Link SO

The PHP Engine Mounted Torque Link transfers all of the engine horsepower and torque to the rear wheels. This improves shifting and we've seen 1/10th improvement in 60-ft times at the track. The PHP Engine Mounted Torque Link works great on road race vehicles, too! Comes with a new engine mount, 1/2" dia Heim-joint link, Grade-8 bolts, and instructions.

PHP Intake Spacer with Gasket
Price: $130.00

The PHP Intake Spacer with Gasket raises the intake cover for improved flow and less air restriction while delivering 4-8 more horsepower and torque. For naturally aspirated and supercharged vehicles.

PHP Rear Seat Delete
Price: $199.00

The PHP Rear Seat Delete removes up to 30 pounds of unnecessary weight from your Mach 1 and gives a nice finished look to your interior. The kit is .090 thick T-6 aluminum with factory trunk carpet and is easy to install. You must specify car year and hardtop or convertible below.

PHP Short Belt Kit
Price: $199.00

The PHP Rear Wheel Spacer Kit for the '03 & '04 Cobras is made of aluminum spacers that allow the use of wider rims on the back of your IRS vehicle without hitting the rear cradle bolts. (Also fits '99-'01 Cobras.)

PHP Subframe Connectors
Price: $129.00
Subframe Connectors

The PHP Subframe Connectors help tighten the chassis by connecting the front and rear subframes. These subframe connectors are welded into place to strengthen the chassis and eliminate body flex. The PHP Subframe Connectors fit cars with regular exhaust and side exhaust perfectly and they're the best fitting subframe connectors on the market!

PHP Subframe Kit
Price: $235.00

The PHP Subframe Kit combines the PHP Drive Shaft Safety Loop with the PHP Subframe Connectors in kit form. When installed together they add two additional tie-in points for improved structural strength. This kit with Drive Shaft Safety Loop is NHRA and IHRA approved.

PHP Tach Mounting Bracket
Price: $40.00

PHP has the "Original" Tach Mounting Bracket - THIS IS NO COPY! We designed it for the '03-'04 Cobras. It's a unique way to mount your aftermarket tachometer. The PHP Tach Mounting Bracket requires NO DRILLING and is very sturdy and easy to install.

T3650 5-Speed Shifter
Price: $169.00

The T3650 Shifter shortens the overall shifts by 40% giving smooth
2nd and 3rd shifts. The internal coil springs provide equal tension
for smoother shifts vs. the original factory belleville spring which causes
a ratchet-feel when shifted. It is 100% billet construction and completely
anodized to prevent corrosion with an integrated stop plate that
has adjustable stops.

Under-Drive Pulleys Kit
Price: 225.00

The Under-Drive Pulleys Kit is a fast and easy way to add 12 hp and 10 lb/ft of torque.

X-Pipe with Metakicats
03-SS - $529.00
04-SS - $578.00
03-Alum - $389.00
04-Alum - $438.00

The Bassani X-Pipe with the new Metalicats is designed specifically for the '03-'04 Cobra and adds 15-18 horsepower & torque... and now you have the choice of Stainless Steel or Aluminized with both systems producing the horsepower and torque you're looking for along with great sound! 

The 2004 systems come with O-2 Sensor Extensions required for proper installation.

PHP Line-Lock Kit
Price: $300.00
Line Lock Kit

The PHP Line-Lock Kit is the only kit that will not have a negative affect on your ABS braking system. It allows you to release the brake pedal and maintain locked front brakes, permitting a proper burnout and/or pre-load of the drivetrain at the tree without rolling.



Price: $200.00

The Paul's High Performance Cobra High-Flow Air Box is no copy - We designed it originally for the '03-'04 Cobras! It incorporates a conical K&N air filter with a water-resistant pre-cleaner and a stainless steel outer shell while adding 20+ horsepower and torque.
We highly recommend the use of the Pre-filter which is a re-usable filter skin that helps to keep dirt and moisture out.

96-98 CObra PHP Intake Manifold Stage II
Price: $1200.00

The PHP Intake Manifold - Stage 2 maximizes both horsepower and torque gains in mid to high RPMs without losing any low-end power or driveability. The intake runners are modified and ported for maximum air flow. We've seen up to 30+ horsepower gains at the rear wheels. For the utmost performance, the PHP Intake Manifold - Stage 2 should be combined with the IMRC Delete Package and the PHP High Flow Air Box.

A core charge of $1200 is charged and is credited back to your account when you return your intake manifold unless you send your intake manifold to be reworked (please allow 3-4 wks).

PHP Lowering Springs
Price: $299.00
PHP Lowering Springs

The PHP Lowering Springs are made specifically for the Mach 1 for both street and strip. Lowers the car by approximately 7/8" in the front and 1" in the rear. The springs come labeled for proper installation per drive and passenger sides.

*** Shipping costs: Your product will be shipped via UPS. The shipping and handling costs (including insurance) will be calculated by the weight of the product, total cost of the order, and your zip code, then added when we ship your order.
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