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With the installation of the Paul's High Performance EcoBoost High Flow Air Charge Cooler Tube, PHP's
Taper-Bore Throttle Body, A Cat-Back Exhaust, and PHP's Custom Tune, you'll see gains of 90+
horsepower and 100 ft/lbs of torque and we've seen an average mileage increase of 2-4 mpg.

That's the strongest EcoBoost package you'll find on the market today!

Price: $495.00

PHP's EcoBoost High Flow Air Charge Cooler Tube removes the restriction and the heat-soak issues compared to the stock tube.

It is made from mandrel-bent tubing with less bends for better flow and less
restriction. The outer barrier is a heat-retentive sleeve which offers lower inlet temps for increased power of 15 horsepower and 22 ftllbs torque.

The PHP Cooler Tube will easily install using your O.E. connections. We highly recommend the addition of PHP's Taper Bore Throttle Body with this cooler tube for increased power and torque.

Price: $395.00

The PHP Taper Bore Throttle Body is a new throttle body that
we've modified for higher flow and rapid air charge into the intake with increases of 13 horsepower and 18 ftllbs torque. This Throttle Body combined with PHP's High Flow Air Charge Cooler Tube increases your overall power and torque even more.

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Price: $800.00

We offer a full 3" stainless steel exhaust featuring a 4" polished tip and a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on the exhaust.  It has a single rear-side
exit and adds a deeper tone to the sound of your truck without adding the obnoxious “drone” of some exhausts.  This exhaust made a power increase of 17 horsepower and 20 ft/lbs torque.  Combined with PHP’s High Flow
Air Charge Cooler Tube & Taper Bore Throttle Body, you’ll see even
more gains..

Price: $475.00

Your SCT XCalibrator SF3 will come pre-loaded
with three custom PHP tunes for your vehicle; one for 87, 91, and 93 fuel.
This tune will also factor in all the Paul's High Performance EcoBoost parts
you've added with your EcoBoost package. When you call to order, have
your PCM code ready, and we'll put together one of

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