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05-12 Axle Braces
Price: $152.00

The PHP Axle Braces lock the outer ends of the axle tubes to the differential center section in perfect alignment to prevent axle flex.

PHP Adjustable Upper Third Link
Price: $179.00

The PHP Adjustable Upper Third Link allows you to tune-in pinion angle for maximum traction and solid launches. Paul's High Performance's adjustable design allows you to adjust the arm length without removing it from the car.

PHP SiftRite Brace
Price: $99.00

The PHP ShiftRite Brace is designed to eliminate unwanted movement in the shifter. It actually firms-up the shifter location so there is no need for a replacement shifter. Comes with brace, bushings, and necessary hardware and can be easily installed in minutes.

PHP Roush S/C Upgrade Kit
Price: $1299.00

PHP's Roush S/C upgrade kit gives you an additional 40 rear wheel horsepower and 40 ft lbs of torque. Kit includes S/C pulley, 2 idlers, and PHP Cold Air Kit.

Note: This upgrade requires your original equipment PCM to be reflashed. We will need your PCM sent to us for a custom flash which is included in the price.


Price: $425.00

Paul's High Performance has teamed with SCT (Superchips Custom Tuning) to create custom programming for performance, power, and torque for the '05-'12 Mustangs, including shift point settings for the automatics. This adds 15-20 rwhp and 20-25 lb/ft of torque plus immensely enhances driveability.

*** PLEASE NOTE: PHP needs info from you about your car and your modifications so please download the Custom Program Sheet and fax it to 517-764-7674 or email it to Please be sure to include your phone number in the event we need to contact you. ***

($25 for each additional tune.) 

*** Shipping costs: Your product will be shipped via UPS. The shipping and handling costs (including insurance) will be calculated by the weight of the product, total cost of the order, and your zip code, then added when we ship your order.
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