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03-04 Cobra
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PHP Cobra Catback
Price: $775.00 

This Catback has a deep, performance sound. It is a stainless steel system with tuned mufflers, removable baffles, 2.5" pipes, and polished stainless tips. It adds 15-18 horsepower and torque.

Cobra Fuel Rail Assembly
Price: $459.00

The PHP Cobra Fuel Rail Assembly combines the PHP Fuel Rails and the PHP O/E Fuel Rail Adapter with all the Aeroquip -8 lines and fittings needed to install your fuel rails and at a cost savings of $60. The PHP Cobra Fuel Rail Assembly allows you to run higher pump pressure with four times the amount of fuel in the rails which helps with the varying injector pressures seen in vehicles with returnless fuel systems.



Price: $220.00 w/pre-filter
Price: $195.00 wo/pre-filter
PHP Cobra High Flow Air Box

The Paul's High Performance Cobra High-Flow Air Box is no copy - We designed it originally for the '03-'04 Cobras! It incorporates a conical K&N air filter with a water-resistant pre-cleaner and a stainless steel outer shell while adding 20+ horsepower and torque.
We highly recommend the use of the Pre-filter which is a re-usable filter skin that helps to keep dirt and moisture out.

PHP Drive Shaft Assembly Loop
Price: $89.00
PHP Drive

The PHP Drive Shaft Safety Loop finally gives you a safety loop that fits! This safety loop fits in the transmission tunnel with no modifications. It can be welded or bolted into place.

PHP Engine Mounted Torque Link
Price: $290.00
Torque Link SO

The PHP Engine Mounted Torque Link transfers all of the engine horsepower and torque to the rear wheels. This improves shifting and we've seen 1/10th improvement in 60-ft times at the track. The PHP Engine Mounted Torque Link works great on road race vehicles, too! Comes with a new engine mount, 1/2" dia Heim-joint link, Grade-8 bolts, and instructions.

PHP IRS Pinion Support Brace
Price: $150.00
Support Brace

The PHP IRS Pinion Support Brace ties the pinion end of the differential housing firmly to the IRS subframe thus stopping the pinion motions that cause wheel hop. We also recommend you upgrade from the stock rubber bushings to our polyurethane bushings.

PHP IRS Toe Link Bars
Price: $410.00
Toe Link Bars

The PHP IRS Toe Link Bars replace the weak OE units that flex under power in road race and drag-strip conditions. Once the bars are installed, and with a little driving finesse, the wheel-hop is virtually eliminated. The PHP IRS Toe Link Bars also improve cornering on the road course.

PHP IRS/Straight Axle Conversion Kit
Price: $5200.00
Conversion Kit

The PHP IRS/Straight Axle Conversion Kit includes everything you need to convert your '99-'04 IRS Cobra to a straight axle (to be used with your OE brake assembly and drive shaft). Kit includes; 8.8 Axle Brace w/ 31-spline Mosier Axles with axle studs, Eaton Carbon Fiber Posi, Aluminum Lower Control Arms, Double Adjustable Upper Control Arms, Gear of your choice, ABS Sensor Wiring, Springs and mounting hardware.

PHP Line-Lock Kit
Price: $300.00
Line Lock Kit

The PHP Line-Lock Kit is the only kit that will not have a negative affect on your ABS braking system. It allows you to release the brake pedal and maintain locked front brakes, permitting a proper burnout and/or pre-load of the drivetrain at the tree without rolling.


Price: $300.00
Spacer Kit SO

The PHP Rear Wheel Spacer Kit for the '03 & '04 Cobras is made of aluminum spacers that allow the use of wider rims on the back of your IRS vehicle without hitting the rear cradle bolts. (Also fits '99-'01 Cobras.)

PHP Subframe Connectors
Price: $129.00
Subframe Connectors

The PHP Subframe Connectors help tighten the chassis by connecting the front and rear subframes. These subframe connectors are welded into place to strengthen the chassis and eliminate body flex. The PHP Subframe Connectors fit cars with regular exhaust and side exhaust perfectly and they're the best fitting subframe connectors on the market!

PHP Subframe Kit
Price: $235.00

The PHP Subframe Kit combines the PHP Drive Shaft Safety Loop with the PHP Subframe Connectors in kit form. When installed together they add two additional tie-in points for improved structural strength. This kit with Drive Shaft Safety Loop is NHRA and IHRA approved.

PHP Tach Mounting Bracket
Price: $40.00
Mounting Bracket

PHP has the "Original" Tach Mounting Bracket - THIS IS NO COPY! We designed it for the '03-'04 Cobras. It's a unique way to mount your aftermarket tachometer. The PHP Tach Mounting Bracket requires NO DRILLING and is very sturdy and easy to install.

X-Pipe with Metakicats
03-SS - $529.00
04-SS - $578.00
03-Alum - $389.00
04-Alum - $438.00

The Bassani X-Pipe with the new Metalicats is designed specifically for the '03-'04 Cobra and adds 15-18 horsepower & torque... and now you have the choice of Stainless Steel or Aluminized with both systems producing the horsepower and torque you're looking for along with great sound! 

The 2004 systems come with O-2 Sensor Extensions required for proper installation.

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